Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Important Questions..........

With the passage of time the human priorities become change, some of things held behind & others become a classic need of time. And also it’s a demand of modern period.
Now a time when human being is fore-running towards stars, if some one would say that he is coming from 10 mile apart far on his own feet; people should call him brain sick or loony because in this advance period existence of this kind of example is beyond a reality. But realistic thinking tell us that our life style has been introduce with modern enlightment but still we are far away from those fundamental questions which are the essential components of a Muslim life. And the life of a Muslim with out these questions is just like that artist who paints a faceless picture or a person who buys a new car but don’t have an art of driving……
Questions are so simple but so deeper than the depth of Atlantic Ocean, what are these questions……I mention here some of thou,
Who are we?
What’s our role?
Are we spectators or impotent?
Manacle prisoners……
Neither for here nor for there……
These are the same questions which led advanced countries toward the tower of advancement & we are dusting far behind bourne.
Our heart & mind are bounded under the dust of way but bodies are distrait under the twinkling of costumes.
Spirit & awe are those elements out of which any one’s presence is must for the achievement of success. If you have a power of spirit you can success & if you have no power of spirit then the awe (fear) can take an onerous work of world from yourself. Even this awe would be of parents, teachers, boss, colleagues, ignominy or of railing, it leads you toward the tower of success but the success due to spirit & assiduity has a unique taste.
Unfortunately we have neither a spirit nor awe….
We have no spirit of self-consciousness & awe of Allah has been moved from our hearts.
Under this condition how can we keep equality among those nations who have reached at the tower of advancement after passing from the process of self-consciousness? There is a broad difference among us. They have passed from the stage of self-consciousness & still we are interpreting the word self-consciousness. Mullahism has tangled us under the system of schismatic however there is clear interdiction from Allah in case of schism, he advise us to adopt a way of sanctimony. Did we follow his advice? Answer is nothing……
We have forgotten the way of sanctimony & adopt the schismatic system & the schism has become the part of our life. Insomuch we have fallen in the depth of schismatic well, that we don’t introduce ourselves just as a Muslim but also state a sect. That is not prayerlessness then what’s?
When we should theoretically dispersed then how we should travel on a same path? Mullahism has bereaved our harmony which is an essential luggage for the journey of life.
In this condition how we can search the answers of these questions which are the essential part of our life & without which the contemplation of life is just like a body whose soul has passed away & left him back alone.
And the soulless body has neither any relation with itself nor with surroundings.
That’s a tough time for a nation but some where we all are responsible for this condition.
Think about it…….