Monday, June 28, 2010

Urdu Literature &

Sub Continent (Pakistan, India & Bangladesh) is a valuable & one of the old civilization in the history of world. The values & norms of any society can be examined from his literature. History of that region tells us that the evolutionary journey of different languages adopted different ways & the contribution of writers & poets in this process can't be neglected. Now a time Urdu is a wellknown language of that region which is often called as Hindi (there is only orthograghic difference between Hindi & Urdu). Urdu literature is poured with heart touching feelings & natural thoughts, on the other hand its also a preservative of philosphycal topics.
Now a time it was essential to development a website for the representation of the present & past history of Urdu literature infront of world, that was not easy to manage because there are thousands of Urdu writers & their personal informations (i.e; date & place of birth & death, father's name, literary contribution etc) are not easily accessable.
This duty was paied by Mian Saeed Sb who searched that all & designed a website contains an information about thousands of Urdu writers as well as about assocciated comunity i.e newspapers, journals, organizations etc.
I sent Mian Saeed Sb my sincere congratulations on this remarkable work.
I think each person who is interested in Urdu Literature, he has to visit that site.
Kashif Butt