Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Opening Ceremony Of "Mujay Roashni Cha'hiyae"

Last Evening (15th of June 2011) an opening cermony of the book "Mujay Roashni Cha'hiyae" was arranged by Allama Mashriqi Foundation at Havely Hotle, Havelian City.
"Mujay Roashni Cha'hiyae" (In search of light) is a collection of short stories written by a renowned columnist & story writer Sajid Khan.
Program was preside by Prof Bashir Ahmed Soz Director Hazara Chairs Hazara University while D.C.O Abbottabad SYED ZAHEER-UL-ISLAM participated as the cheif guest & Mr. JAN-e-ALAM Editor Sher-o-Sukhan Mansehra was participated as Guest of Honor.
Mr. Umar Ali Daim, Mr. Nisar Khan, Mr. Shafqat, Mr. Prof Nasir Daud, Mr. Prof Farooq, Mr. Prof Zaman Muztar, Mr. Jan-e-Alam, Mr. Syed Zaheer-ul-Islam & Mr. Prof Bashir Ahmad Soz talked about book & present their heartly congratulation to Mr. Sajid Khan for a remarkable achievement in the literary circle of Pakistan.
Mr. Sajid Khan also talked about his literary journey & pay thanks to all participants of the party & his readers & followers.
That program was conducted by myself, soon the snaps of the program should lanch.