Monday, July 11, 2011

Congradulation To Abdul Waheed Bismil

Abdul Waheed Bismil is a well known writer, poet & actor of Hazara Division. By profession he is a banker but his interest & contribution in the literary field of Hazara Division is remarkable.
Recently "Misaal Publisher, Faislabad" published his first book "Khaedaa'n" which contains six dramas of Hindko Language (Hindko is the native languge of Hazara Division). "Khaedaa'n" is a "Hindko" word which means "game" or drama.
Amazing fact is that "Khaedaa'n" is the first & only book of "Hindko" dramas in Hazara Division which makes "Abdul Waheed Bismil" the Pioneer of drama writer having book in Hazara Division.
According to well known poet & writer Wahid Siraj "Being the maiden book of dramas in Hindko language, the book holds a unique historical importance in literature."
In coming days so many organizations are going to arrange literary programs in the honour of Abdul Waheed Bismil.