Friday, August 19, 2011

Congradulation to Mr. Nasir Bakhtiyar on his new book

Mr. Nasir Bakhtiyar is a well known poet belongs to a historical village of Abbottabad named "Nawan Shehr", he is a good poet of Urdu language as well as Hindko (the mother tounge of people of Hazara Division).
Last day Misaal Publisher Faislabad has lanched Mr. Nasir Bakhtiyar's book of hindko poetry in market with the name of "Chikkay Bich Phul" (English: Flowers in the Basket).
Book contains near about all the forms of poetry i.e, Ghazal, Nazm, Ruba'i, Chaar Baeta, Maa'hiya, Highko, Hamad, Naat, Manqabat etc.
This book is a valuable addition in the Hindko literature as well as in Pakistan's literary assert.